The maxi-resort in a few figures - First of all, let’s remind ourselves of something important: the real estate project described hereafter – and on this Website in general – is very real indeed. The project has a name (“Lago Maggiore Grand”) and a Website anyone can consult. The promoters have already spent 30 million Swiss francs (7 million cash and 23 […]
Please Ask Yourself - Should we build a skyscraper in Fusio? Imagine, as tall and as cool as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, or the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. One kilometer high. It would splendidly tower over the boring mountains around it. Such an edifice would radiate its beauty on the uncivilized and inhospitable hills of the Vallemaggia. […]
Our Answer to Apathy - Objections we are hearing include: “they will never get the appropriate authorizations”, or “the building codes don’t allow it”, or “the people won’t allow it”. The third objection is quite correct. We won’t allow it. The sooner we oppose it, the more likely we are to be successful. Hence this website, and our peaceful call […]