Salva Monte Brè needs your help on Saturday, March 9th

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UPDATE 2: Link to the live stream

UPDATE: Here is the program of the evening. For the sit-in, please read below.

Dear friends,

If you’ve been following the local news, you will have noticed the PS and Verdi have, with our help, addressed a formal questioning to the City’s executive board. The radical answer we received earlier this month is extremely biased in favor of the destructive project, containing misleading and outrageous arguments. Here is the City’s full answer, our own position statement, and our press release (in Italian).

In summary, it is now time to show what everyone already knows: the local population is vociferously opposed to the destruction of Monte Brè sopra Locarno. To make it even clearer, we are organizing a two-part event, Saturday March 9th 2019. We are writing today because we would like to invite you.

1st Part: Sit-In

The first part will be a public gathering between noon and 2pm, at the intersection of the via Monte Brè, via tre Tetti, and via Patocchi. That is the last intersection on the road towards Monte Brè before entering the forest, and it would be the obligatory point of passage of any truck aspiring to go up our mountain.

We are presenting this gathering as a “sit-in”, but rather than merely sitting on the road, we propose creating an art piece. Every one will be given colored chalk sticks, and will be invited to sign, draw, color or write on the road! Chalk is a natural material that won’t pollute the environment, and will disappear with the next rain; if there are enough of us, we could make something quite extraordinary.

Carnaval costumes are welcome, pick-nicks recommended, music and good mood guaranteed. It will be an amicable and family-friendly event, allowing all the allies of truth and nature to meet.

With such a democratic and artistic initiative, the aim is to display our determination of saving the mountain, imply we are able to forbid access to the site, but most importantly show it is us who are on the side of beauty, truth, progress and civilisation. Our adversaries, those who want to destroy Monte Brè for the sake of billionaires wishing to bathe in caviar, are grotesque barbarians; they represent ugliness, decadence and violence. If we produce splendor, it will be humiliating and dissuasive to them.

Please, we are counting on your presence. Not only that, but please bring your friends too. Help us promote this gathering. The 9th of March is fast-arriving, and we won’t be able to do it ourselves.

If possible, kindly avoid arriving on the gathering site by car, as there are no parking spaces. The bus number 2, which leaves from the Locarno train station, arrives to Monti della Trinita: from there a pleasant 10-minutes path through the houses will bring you to the intersection we are meeting at.

If you do not wish to waslk, we will have, from 11h30, a free shuttle to and from Monti della Trinita (in front of the restaurant La Chiesa) and the meeting point slightly above.

2nd Part: Public Evening

We are organising, on that same day between 6pm and 8pm, a public evening comprising a press conference, round tables and debates. Here is the full program (Italian).

The event will take place on March 9th from 6pm at the Locarno city council’s meeting hall. It will also be streamed live on the Internet, for those who can’t attend. If you come, we will offer you an appetizer and you will get the chance to ask all of your questions.

As seating is limited, if you would like to attend please kindly drop us an email at 9marzo@salvabre.ch, telling us how many your party will include.

We are looking forward, dear friends, to see us by our side on March 9th.

Salva Monte Brè