Our Answer to Apathy

Posted On August 1, 2018 at 5:51 pm by / Comments Off on Our Answer to Apathy

Objections we are hearing include: “they will never get the appropriate authorizations”, or “the building codes don’t allow it”, or “the people won’t allow it”.

The third objection is quite correct. We won’t allow it. The sooner we oppose it, the more likely we are to be successful. Hence this website, and our peaceful call to action.

As for the first two, they are quite relevant as well. It is difficult to envision such a pharaonical and morbidly destructive ambition going forward; after all, we are in Switzerland, not the third world. Still, it does not invalidate our action:

  • If the speculators are aware of this, it could mean they are intending to defraud investors; such trickery while holding our mountain hostage is nearly as unacceptable as the concrete itself.
  • Things change, laws evolve. Who could have guessed, a mere decade ago, that our central bank would so enthusiastically have adopted the precepts of the Zimbabwe School of Economics? After all, we are in the “new normal”, a brave new world where debt monetization, negative interest rates and helicopter money are no longer the matter of derision. Who could have thought, in our country, that financial privacy would be so easily relinquished? That popular votes would be so blatantly ignored? That our public media would so easily regurgitate foreign propaganda? Every time we fail to speak-up or stand-up, we are implicitely accepting the tyranny.
  • Their project makes so little economical sense in Monte Brè that they are unlikely, even if they are able to build, to ever sell their “branded residences” at the price they intend; therefore, we would find ourselves with an Alpine equivalent of these unoccupied “ghost cities” that litter the formerly-beautiful Spanish coasts.

The lead speculators’ influence and weight are considerable. Do not think they aren’t clever and experienced “investors”. They might regard our rules and traditions as inconvenient and retrograde, but still, they may not impose to us their nightmare if we choose to wake up from it. They want to make an extra few millions, we want to save our mountain and our community. Without a doubt, the truth will prevail.