Please Ask Yourself

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Should we build a skyscraper in Fusio?

Imagine, as tall and as cool as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, or the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. One kilometer high. It would splendidly tower over the boring mountains around it. Such an edifice would radiate its beauty on the uncivilized and inhospitable hills of the Vallemaggia. Perhaps we could even have bridges between the tower’s roof and the neighboring summits. They would finally become accessible without helicopter!

Horrible, you say?

Savage! This is progress. This is civilization. This is Man’s purpose on Earth. Build. Hoard. Consume. What point is there to scaling a moutain top, if there’s no ice-cream stand to be found when you get there? After all, life’s most noble ambition is to bathe in caviar.

Of course, this is merely a thought experiment. It is absurd. More precisely: it is a caricature, reductio ad absurdum. It is decadence and savagery – the opposite of taste and civilization. It shows there indeed should be limits to the destruction of our landscapes and natural ecosystem for the sake of hyper-consumerism and pseudo-luxury. The Sovereign, when consulted, has said as much on numerous occasions already.

If we let them destroy our beautiful Monte Brè, “il balcone sopra Locarno”, the road will be paved to do the same elsewhere in the Sopracenerinese mountains and valleys. We are the last line of defense against the tyranny of debt, malinvestment and concrete.

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