Courageous journalists have leaked the speculators’ destructive plans. They have acquired various documentations, and published them for all to see.

Here are the download links. These documents speak for themselves.

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The Pharaonical Project In A Nutshell

The speculators have already acquired large swaths of the mountain in Monte Brè / Cardada: 30’000 square meters of constructible land in total, dispersed over a large area.
Their idea is to raze all the acquired houses, and build 3- or 4-story buildings in their place (a total of over 150 “luxurious” apartments/rooms). They want to sell the modern apartments to foreign HNWIs (multimillionaires) at over CHF 22’000.- per square meter.
These 5-star facilities would also include some 70 parking spaces, 3000 square meters of spa, 2 restaurants, tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool (on land inaccessible from the road).
The speculators explain how, through “hotel management contracts”, they are able to circumvent the Lex Koller and Lex Weber.
The residences they are planning to build are to be co-financed by select corporations, and thus “branded” to become advertisement billboards in the form of real estate.
They describe these pseudo-luxurious new homes as “trophy assets” – i.e. the kind you buy not out of love for the region and its landscapes, but merely to show off as a futile prize.
The foreign HNWIs (residences’ owners and guests) are to be transported to and from the site by helicopter.
The site would be “highly visible from the lake”, and offer “a feeling of majesty to visitors”. It would thus be a caricature of megalomania and bad taste.


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In Other Words

In other words: the empire of malinvestment, hyperconsumerism, speculation, pseudo-luxury, pollution, and concrete cubes, after having colonized its plains, would now start to desecreate the Ticinese mountains.

Note this is not a fantasy, a movie, or a mere idea: it is an actual plan, for which the most important aspect (land acquisition) is nearly complete, and for which the appropriate financing is currently being raised.

And the worst thing is some of our political leaders seem to have already, in secret, given their implicit ascent to such destruction.

This is how we plan to stop them.