Dear friends,

We don’t have sufficient stock to justify keeping our shop open, so we’ve decided to close it, as we won’t be producing new merchandise (at least for now). You financial support continues of course to be precious.

Thank you all for your support! Your contributions have been invaluable and indispensable. In the Locarno region, there are countless banners that adorn the streets, and stickers that decorate the cars! All this has had – and still has – an extremely dissuasive effect on those who want to destroy Monte Brè.

The barbarians have not capitulated yet, that is, they have not yet accepted their defeat. So we have not yet opened the Champagne. But we’ve already put it in the fridge! Indeed, the City of Locarno has, following our popular initiative (the ratification of which has broken all records), established a “Zona di Pianificazione” (suspensive safeguarding measure).

We believe that our fight, that we hope is coming to an end, will remain in the annals of Ticino. David, with a budget of a few thousand francs, managed to beat Goliath and his 500 millions. We have proved the superiority of beauty, truth, and civilization, especially when it faces a caricature of ugliness and destruction.

We have repelled the barbarians, but our work is hardly finished. We will now work to rebuild our beautiful mountain neighbourhood. We hope you will hear about it soon.

If you are among those who have already purchased some of our merchandise, we have two things to tell you:


2) Keep your items carefully, as they will become “collector” objects.

Very best regards,

The Salva Monte Brè team.

PS: concerning the few items that we still have in stock, we store them at Codinglab (4 via G. Motta in Minusio). Feel free to come and drop us a visit during opening hours.